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All building work has to comply with the building regulations, which are part of the Building Act 1984 (Amended by the building regulations act 1991). These regulations stipulate the precise method of constructing a building in, at the moment, 13 different areas of construction. The regulations are updated, amended or changed from time to time and your builder should be conversant with the changes, via the architect/design consultant.

There is a legal requirement for all new building work to comply with building regulations and even when no planning permission is needed, building regulations may be. You can get this advice from your Local Authority.

Where building regulations have to be complied with, the “Building Control” office of your local council will appoint an officer to inspect the work at regular intervals to make sure it complies.

We can provide plans for any project to comply with Building Regulations and gain consent to build by means of a ‘Full Plans Application’. This can be made to the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) department.

SA Associates is registered with Slough Borough Council and working as a LABC partner, that is enabling us to have very effective plan appraisal with a single familiar contact for any location, thus streamlining the process.

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We ensure chartered ARB and RIBA architects lead your project. Our services covers everything you will need to complete your project, including building regulations and Engineering. We also cover project planning, schedules of work and project management.

We work very closely with each and everyone of our clients to understand their vision, and turn their homes dreams into a reality. Follow up meetings and drawing revisions are all included in our prices.

We offer 3D visuals as part all our projects to help our clients feel confident and have clarity from start to the finish of the project.

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